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Days after Days

 2019 | 6 screens | Sound and color

Presented in its first worldwide event, Created during a VIDEOFORMES 2018-2019 residency with the support of DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Clermont Auvergne Métropole in the field of the policy of creation.

In front of a video by Agnès Guillaume, you must not rush time, but enter quietly, peacefully, into the artist’s own atmosphere, at once poetic and visual, sonorous and luminous.

Days after days consists of six short videos placed as panels, both stand-alone and working together. Each one expresses an atmosphere in itself but connects to the others in the manner of a portrait gallery. Because these are portraits, in the sense that the people we see on the screen do not act but are, quite simply. They perform gestures whose meaning is not given to us and probably eludes us, but these are not conditioned by a mise en scène, the postures and attitudes come from the models themselves. And that’s where the subtle difference between character and person comes into play.

What matters is not any story, narrative or representation that would define people’s character, but the plastic and visual language of the video itself, what it gives us to see and perceive. The images that interact before our eyes are certainly not abstract, but their development does not tell us anything precise, we just have to feel. It is the colors, the lights and especially the chiaroscuro, the composition of the shots as well as the pictorial artwork, the gestures themselves, the slowness or precision of these gestures, the music and the silences, which will gradually lead us into a particular state, close to meditation or contemplation.

If Agnès Guillaume gives her “actors” the freedom to include their personal behavior in the requested action, she sets the framework and the tempo. In the same way, if the videographer gives us the freedom to interpret, imagine and dream about the situations and portraits, she imparts an impression on us, which is experienced as poetic wanderlust. A timeless digression that cuts us off from the agitation of the world for a moment and allows us to internalize. Everything that happens (or does not happen) on the screen, the moving image of a person without a narrative induces a coloration and a climate that is imposed on us by its presence. In a similar way, sound plays an important role. It provides us with clues to the order of the mysterious noises which we think we recognize but which, interwoven with each other, form a sound composition that enriches and gives texture to the image. Sounds that Agnès Guillaume collects during her outings in a factory or in the woods, to which she mixes things gleaned from the Internet but always adding her own contribution, in this case, a voice. Sound is an integral part of this endeavor to subvert the senses and liberate the mind.

Isabelle de Maison Rouge art critic and exhibition curator

“…here the artist reinvents, interiorizes, intimates, until she uncovers a universal dimension. Allowing herself all the gaps between the I and others, between objectivity and subjectivity, between real and non-real, she speaks out and reflects through the image. In her hands, video becomes a form that thinks”

Isabelle de Maison Rouge

Mirrors of the intimate, Agnès Guillaume’s videos awaken our emotions, our sensations and our questions. Like our inner worlds, as in a dream, a subtle strangeness tells us that what happens there is at the margins of daily life, in an elsewhere that is both mimetic and poetic. The beauty of the images evokes new emotions that the soundtracks reinforce.

From her past as a musician, Agnès Guillaume has kept a high standard for accuracy that can be found in the precision of the composition, the rhythm of the montage and the pictorial use of color.

Series of prints on paper from some videos that were reworked using mixed techniques enhance her production. These works, more than a trace of the video, durably materialize the feeling that never stops fading into the moving image.

At the same time, Agnès Guillaume does embroidery: small formats like a logbook, large formats for series of portraits.

2019 : Days after Days , guest artist in residence, Galerie de l’Art du Temps, Chapelle de l’Oratoire, Clermont-Ferrand, VidéoFormes festival.

2019 : 4 MY’s + solo exhibition, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels.

2019 : Vivace, solo exhibition at the château of Chimay, Belgium