Audio Visual Performance

Saturday March 16 | Maison de la Culture | Salle Boris Vian 
9 pm
Full access:  € 10 | reduced: € 5  (- 25 years, unemployed)



With OVERVIEW, I continue to dig the notion of movement, displacement and transformation through the journey, the odyssey and the inner quest. Intimate, geography, sidereal space echo each other, from nano to macro.
To bring a new perception plan to this research, I asked Hugo Arcier to create a reactive 3D audio surface.
The « overview effect » questions our relationship to existence on the scale of the universe. The notion of transformation from one point of view and the changes of state are at the heart of my research. I want to extend the overview effect to other experiences such as near-death experiences, meditation, travel, or the upheavals that a human being can experience during a lifetime. These experiences change our consciousness, our field of perception, our apprehension of knowledge, our posture to the world, more broadly to the universe. These different processes animate my compositional research that develops from an assembly of modular, filters and distortions.

The music will unfold through different sound planes, from mass to filaments, extremely chaotic or pulsed materials to enveloping timbres, drones. Sound is here a physical experience of its strength, its density, its intensity, its brutal variations so as to “shift” the perception of the viewer towards other more bitter, contrasted, even violent territories to the
point of daring. I want to create a field of movement to change auditory cues and take the listener into forms of audible vertigo.
On the other hand, I will discuss the notions of remoteness and immersion through the use of filters.

Annabelle Playe is a multidisciplinary artist, she enjoys exploring voice, sound, video and writing. She studied composition with Sergio Ortega in Pantin, Paris.
In 2018, Annabelle Playe is laureate of the SACD “Musique de Scène” background for the “Delta Charlie Delta” show and also composer associated with “Scène Croisées de Lozère” until the year 2020. She plays electronic and experimental music in France and abroad. Her live music is based on a device made of analogic synthesizers. Sound is waving between electronic and electroacoustic music, some of them made from different sources (voices, concrete sounds) are processed, put into spaces and mixed to analogic.
Her album first “Matrice” (DAC records) and “Vaisseaux” (DAC records) received a very good response from international medias and “Matrice” became an audiovisual performance with video artist Philippe Fontes. “Geyser” will be released in 2018.
She creates audiovisual performances : “ANA”, and “Vessels” with the musician Marc Siffert and the filmaker Gregoy Robin. In 2017, she created OVERVIEW, an audiovisual performance with Hugo Arcier (generative video) that has been played at Cube, a digital creation center near Paris (FR). Annabelle Playe devises video as music composition : pattern repetition, developments, breakups and shades. Dynamic images editing interact with music in a counterpoint way. Sometimes, images vanish to give way to music.
She also wrote two monologues of theater published in Alna (FR) : “Ligne” and “Mater”.