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Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Bezalel, Jérusalem, Israël

The development of technology and digital communication led to a radical change in our perception of the cultural world. These changes have led to the emergence of a new field of activity, “new media”, which enables the individual to create independent, intriguing, fascinating and challenging movies.
The space within which the Screen-Based Arts Department at the Bezalel Academy operates includes the animation, movie-making and video programs and establishes a connection between movie-making and the world of art as an expressive tool.

We encourage the creation of movies and animation as a channel of personal and artistic expression, and aspire to understand and teach the basics of the cinematic language, while at the same time exploring and developing principles for a new, different and unique formal structure.
The students at the Screen-Based Arts Department have a marvelous and unique opportunity to create new worlds, breath life into them through motion and choreography and fill them with substance through the narrative. All of this can take place by using a simple pencil on paper, by moving objects in space or by utilizing the newest, state-of-theart digital technologies and 3D software. The video and film creative artist can break loose of the narrative and convert the camera in his/her hands into a writing implement. It can become a flexible and clever drawing implement such as a written language, poetry, sculpting or painting that wishes to express passions, thoughts and ideas, or alternately to document and tell a story. Movie-making, video and animation meet one another on the screen. The curriculum at the Screen-Based Arts Department, which combines the disciplines of movie-making, video and animation, guides the students toward the development of a sharp outlook and a personal vocabulary, in order to create animation, documentary films, personal and experimental films, video art and new media formulated by an artist who commands the tools and the medium, expands the boundaries of the language and produces statements and questions possessing social, political, critical, personal and cultural significance and relevance.
We aspire to train and develop independent, multidisciplinary and professional movie and animation creators, possessing the ability and desire to develop new artistic fields while breaking through the barriers between art, movie-making, animation and interactive digital media.

Person in charge :

Professor Rony Oren Head of the Screen Based Arts Department

Dreams of Elsewhere⎢Naama Shohet⎢2018⎢13’21

A documentary-animated film in five chapters. Fragments from the relationship between Sary and Naama, an Arab and a Jew living together in Jerusalem, and the obstacles that the Israeli reality presents them time after time

Michal in Space⎢Michal Karniely⎢2018⎢3’52

Living by herself in a quiet and secured spaceship away from other mankind, Michal, wakes up to another day in space, walking through her spaceship and controlling its system as an ordinary routine. Suddenly, an alien intruder invades her ship and breaks the order of her life in space. Michal decides to hurt the alien for invading, but then discovers that he carries on him a VHS tape. She decides to put the tape in the ship’s system and quickly gets drawn into the void between video frames of her forgotten past remembering where she came from, to a rebirth experience of learning, acknowledging and letting go.


Sweeping the Stone⎢Yonatan Swed⎢2018⎢3’53

Sweeping the forgotten monument for the fallen World War I British soldiers at the cemetery in Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, brings to life, for a short moment, what had happen and reveals the cost of many lives lost in vain. Young men who were sent far away from home under the command of their leaders, buried in a foreign place.

I was guided by the connection between the natural and the constructed shapes and by the play of shadow and light over the simplistic surface of the monument, made of Jerusalem stone.


Vague Memory⎢Sagi Hackmon⎢2018⎢1’12

The work opens with a black and white shot of Polaroid Supercolor camera that serves as a connection to the images from the artist’s archive. The screen is split in two halves by the red line that crosses it and divides it between the Polaroid camera and the old typing machine. They lead the narrative by writing and filming it in an instinctive on-the-spot manner while the film is being played. On both halves of the split screen broken and fragmented images from the artist’s family archive appear and disappear, conducted by the sound and the movement of the camera and the typing machine.



Loud and Clear⎢Ella Mosseri⎢2018⎢2’01

Loud and Clear explores the differences between figures which are represented by two red dots. The attempt to be in motion but also remain static causes the tension between the two forms.


XXXO⎢Ran Bensimon⎢2018⎢2’01

This experimental video art is about socialization in the digital era. Having a real life relationship with someone is no longer a prerequisite for having a virtual relationship with them. In a world where screens are replacing the human body this is a journey from in-front, inside and outside the screen

Capture d’écran 2019-02-01 à 12.31.26

How to keep a secret from your computer⎢Neta Moses⎢2018⎢7’03

A young woman and her dog follow Google’s instructions to “keep a secret from your computer”.