March 15 > 30 | Galerie Dolet, CROUS de Clermont-Ferrand 

25 Rue Etienne Dolet | Free acces  8 am > 4 pm (monday-friday) 

Nancy National School of Art and Design

Founded in 1708 by the Dukes of Lorraine, ENSAD Nancy is the only one of the seven national schools established in the region to develop the widest range of degree-oriented studies (Bac +5) and oriented towards the trades: art, communication and design. Its public service approach is open and unique, balancing research and professionalization. It has been installed since October 2016 on the campus of the Artem alliance and participates in a unique educational transversal experience between Art, Technology and Management.

Training place and cultural player, the ENSAD is both in Lorraine and internationally. She is developing a post-master: the Offshore School, research program Creation and globalization, based in Shanghai and a third cycle: the national workshop of typographic research (ANRT).

Person in charge: Vincent Vicario


Oasis artificielles : Healthy oasis, Smart oasis, Power oasis⎢Marina Uribe⎢2018⎢ 4’02

Installation presented exceptionally in a single-screen form for VIDEO ART ACADEMY. This video triptych consists of a documentary work based on comments made during a micro-sidewalk (done in Düsseldorf, Germany, on a metro line crossing different parts of the city) which is the expression of the vision or of the notion of oasis of our Western societies.

These visions of refuges expressed in images are intended to echo the comments expressed, but also lead to a reflection.

On some subtitles, the word paradise is used. The word paradise in German has two meanings: paradise, as a spiritual term, or paradise as a physical place, as an oasis. Here it is more the notion of oasis which interests me, because it is a place of escape against a morose reality.

1-paysage numerique vigniette

Paysage Numérique⎢Toussaint Théo « Chacal Noir » ⎢2018⎢2’03

In Digital Landscape, we can see different abstract landscapes from memories, confronted with too “normalized” landscapes from video banks, as if a computer was trying to build a visual journey by drawing in his memory. The goal is to represent a path from a point A to a point D (without forgetting to go through B and C). The screen becomes the window through which landscapes are displayed and the ATH (Header-High Display) becomes the dashboard of a hypothetical vehicle that transports us through deserts, forests or other immaterial beaches.

3-toys vigniette

Toyz⎢Toussaint Théo « Chacal Noir »⎢2018⎢3’52

Toyz puts forward the human, the animal and the machine like toys or puppets with which one plays, like a child, to invent games and stories, sometimes unhealthy, sometimes illogical, sometimes simple. The digital here allows to distort scales and colors, to try to make us forget our logic well built.


Cadavre exquis⎢Toussaint Théo « Chacal Noir » et Louis Souêtre⎢2018⎢1’53

Cadavre exquis is a suite of characters created from exquisite corpses, which were subsequently modeled in 3D. The transposition of paper to volume creates offsets, malformations and misinterpretations.