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The Lorraine College of Art

ÉSAL, public institution of cultural cooperation, was born from the grouping of the School of the Image of Epinal and the Superior School of art of Metz Métropole in January 2011. In 2014, the EPCC ÉSAL integrated the Cefedem of Lorraine, Teacher Training Center in Dance and Music.

The ÉSAL Metz site is structured around workshops, laboratories and research centers on interactivity, spatialization, photography and video. The institution of higher artistic education issues national diplomas in Expression Design, Art and Communication.

The institution of higher artistic education delivers national diplomas: the National Diploma of Art, DNA, in three options Design of expression, Art and Communication, three diplomas entitled to the degree of License; the National Diploma of Plastic Expression, DNSEP, in options Art and Communication, two diplomas entitled to the degree of Master. The music and dance division awards a DE, State Diploma, one in music, one in dance.

Workshop Manager Video: Pierre Villemin, Hélène Guillaume

Geamana stefania crisan

Geamăna⎢Stefania Crisan⎢2018⎢7’40

Last year, I discovered the existence of a settling lake in Romania called Geamăna, name of the sunken village. The extraction of metals in the Rosia Poieni mountains is causing an ecological disaster on more than 130 hectares, with 27 million tons of waste deposited during the year and toxic pollution could continue to spread beyond from the Romanian borders to the Danube.


L’écoute⎢Virgile Tron⎢2018⎢5’27

Through personal archive images, L’écoute portrays a sick man whose face is never revealed.