Friday March 15 | Maison de la Culture | Salle Boris Vian
Free access
3:30 pm


Since 1999, the ELEKTRA Festival has contributed to the emergence of a genre in audio-visual creation, video-music. In this program, we find recent works by Quebecois creators who have greatly developed this practice: Jean Piché, Louis Dufort, and Yan Breuleux. In addition, I wanted to add a video by a young Chinese artist, Lu Yang, who could be considered a harbinger of an aesthetic that could influence creators for the next 20 years. Two video works by Lu Yang were presented at our 2016 Biennale. She was one of the artists presented at the Chinese pavilion of the 2015 Venice Biennale.


Alain Thibault
Artistic director of ELEKTRA and BIAN – Biennale internationale d’art numérique (Montréal QC-CA)


Enigma | Yan Breuleux & Alain Thibault | 2017 | 8’42

Enigma is a transposition of ideas of encryption and decryption, which presents many forms of information coding and addresses problems related to cybernetics and the relationships and attempts at dialogue between humans and machines. Enigma also highlights Alan Turing’s parallel between cryptography and physics, the science dedicated to decoding the world we live in.

Soutien / Support: CALQ – Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.



Bjvfewo | Louis Dufort | 2018 | 5’

This audio visual work is the result of my researches inspired by the forest. The visual material comes from realistic photos of organic matter that I then transform into texture mapping on abstract objects in three dimensions. The music follows the same process from “realistic” acoustic instruments that are later transformed into orchestral clusters to support the movement of visual objects.


Horizons [Fractured, Folded, Revealed] | Jean Piché | 2014-15 | 15’45

Horizons is an audiovisual origami obtained by folding a flat plane into a complex object that very slowly reveals itself as a polymorphous sculpture. Both sonic and visual materials are generated with recursive feedback processes. The suspended pace of the work suggests a meditative aesthetic but is really a side effect of these methods. Whispering voices accentuate the sensation of an enclosed yet distant environment.


Electromagnetic Brainology | Lu Yang | 2018 | 13’34

Hinduism and Buddhism believe the world is of 4 elements: earth, water, fire and air, that are the “great elements”. Buddhism describes the near death of human as the dissolution of the elements. First the earth element sinks into the water element, and then the water element sinks into the fire, and fire into the air, and the air element dissolves, leading to the ultimate death. Stated in Vimalakirti Sutra, “The body is the issue of the four main elements, and in these elements there is no owner and no agent.”
The artwork is a part of the artist developing a large project of religion, medicalogy, and neuroscience.



Curator and artistic director in the fields of digital arts, electronic music and sound art, Alain Thibault is also the founder of two major events in Montreal, ELEKTRA – an annual festival showcasing performances in digital art since 1999, and the BIAN, International Digital Art Biennale, oriented towards exhibitions, installations and public art since 2012. Also an electronic music composer, his work is disseminated throughout the local and international scene in several contexts, namely contemporary music and digital art festivals in North-America (Canada, USA, Mexico), Europe (France, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium) and Asia (Japan, South-Korea, Taiwan).