15 > 17 March | Maison de la Culture | Salle Chavignier 
Free access 
10 am > 9 pm on 15.03 & 16.03
10 am > 6 pm on 17.03

Selection of virtual reality experiments and films.
Curating: VIDEOFORMES 2019
Associate Curators: Sigrid Coggins (artist) & Christophe Bascoul (ACATR member)

360 film available in session

Fan Club⎢Vincent Ravalec⎢2018⎢55'

Anna – a mainstream television star – accepts her Fan Club’s invitation to spend a weekend with them believing she is responding to the wish of a famous filmmaker with whom she dreams of shooting. Very quickly, this moment turns into a nightmare. She is in fact kidnapped by border-line admirers who took the lead in reviving her career through the emotions she has caused them to experience. But while anguish first predominates, questions gradually emerge.
Times of passage: Friday, March 15 at 17h | Saturday, March 16 at 17h | Sunday March 17th at 12pm

Sunday March 17 session will be followed at 1 pm by a conference / discussion on the  VIDEOFORMES TV by Kinic set with Vincent Ravalec, Fan Club director!

360 film on demand

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Dinner Party⎢Angel Manuel Soto⎢2018⎢13'

Dinner Party is a 3D virtual reality experience based on the true story of Betty and Barney Hill, an interracial couple who in 1961 reported the first nationally known UFO abduction. It’s the pilot episode for The Incident, an anthology series that takes viewers on an immersive and intimate journey through true-life supernatural events. When the Hills were not able to remember and reconcile the details of an inexplicable event, they sought hypnosis. At a dinner party they played their recorded hypnosis to their friends, where viewers experience the separate and radically different accounts of the Hills’ abduction.

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Ornette - Take tour time⎢Bettina Kee⎢2018 ⎢3'52

In order to solve the technical problems that prevent her from shooting her video clip with her group, a singer asks for the help of a very weird and inefficient maintenance team that aggravates the situation.


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Fluchtpunk⎢Béla Baptiste⎢2017⎢6'

This 360° audio-visual experience tells of four interwoven stories playing out simultaneously, inviting the viewer to decide where to look.


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Planet ∞⎢Momoko Seto⎢2017⎢6'

Salt: trace, absence of water, passage of time,invading epidemic, living cemetery.
Water: manoeuvre, absolute value, fertility, rhizomes, chance.
Cotton: corruption, economic issues, hydrophily, desertification.

The world has become a vast dried out planet, where the growing of cotton, over exploited for economical reasons is the main cause of desertification. A saline desert covers acres of dried out land where strange salt trees appear.
This phenomenon echoes an even greater ecological disaster, the desertification of the Aral Sea. And man is always responsible…


H.O.T.P Reboot : Revolution⎢Jérôme Lefduc⎢2018 ⎢4'35

Home Of the P@ge  was once a musical show created in 1998 for the Videobrasil Festival (São Paulo) by Lefdup & Lefdup, presenting the nascent internet as a sort of ghost train where one can meet gamers, forumers, politics, sects, sex, musicians, and maybe love. The show was played three times in Brazil and only one time in France, and then, disappear in the Infosphere… But 20 years after, here comes the Reboot, adapted in music videos and in VR. Here is the VR version of the politic sequence, written and performed by the Great Norman Spinrad himself.

VR experience on demand

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Colosse⎢Colosse Team⎢2016

‘COLOSSE’ is a real-time virtual reality storytelling experience, with a stylized, character-focused visual language. An experience that explores viewer directed storytelling in a unique setting. The story of the long lost Great Spirits known as the COLOSSE explores themes of fear, power and respect.

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Ricerca⎢Yo-Yo Lin⎢2016

As human beings we are constantly looking for signs, meanings, patterns because ultimately these images and memories make up what we each call our lives.

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HanaHana⎢Mélodie Mousset⎢2017-2019

HanaHana 花華 is a persistent sandbox in which all individual creations participate into a larger collective metaverse. The work is inspired by the Japanese manga One Piece , in which character Nico Robin has the power to reproduce her body parts after consuming the magic HanaHana fruit (also call ed the devil frui t) . The VR magic like the devil fruit, grants the players with the same powers. Immerse in the otherworldy landscape, he can unleash his creativity and take part in a unique collaborative artpiece where virtual reality merges with the unconscious for a harrowing and thrilling journey into the depths of his mind, body and senses.


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Photo: National Film Board of Canada On the image side, Philippe Lambert worked with his little brother Vincent as well as artists Caroline Robert and Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit.

Rêve⎢Philippe Lambert⎢2018 | 8'30

“Today, the dream exists only when we sleep and, when we are awake, it is relegated to the next night, illustrates Sweeney. While historically, the dream has occupied a large place in geopolitical economic, social decisions … I found it interesting to return with this subject in a purely artistic approach, but with a social reflection behind. “


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L'île des morts⎢Benjamin Nuel⎢2018 | 8'

A trip out of time, from a banal apartment to our final destination, guided by Charon, the passer of the Underworld. The horizon is the same for everyone, immutable, inevitable. The question is, at all times, in all civilizations, always the same: what is there after? Is there only something?