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Visualcontainer is and Italien video art distributor, promotes and distributes the video-artworks of its archives in order to organize and exhibitions, institutional and educational projects, or private showing.

The distribution is operated thought rental orders. The distribution system works as a cultural process fort the benefit of curators, museums, institutions, galleries, universities and common lovers of contemporary video art.

Visualcontainer protects the copyright of the artists by allocating the fifty percent of the rental costs to the authors of the rented artwork.

Further to the distribution service, Visualcontainer develops curatorial projects and promotes cultural exchanges, publications and artistic events on the international circuit of arts and culture.

It also provides informational and educational support relevant to the video art environment as part of seminars, conferences and workshops.

The promotion and popularization of video art is accomplished also thorugh international exchanges, curatorial and educational events, even in collaboration with festivals, universities, institutions and non-profit organizations operating in Italy and abroad ( Argentina, France, Germany, Spain, Bosnia, Holland, Armenia, Ecuador, Poland, Romania, USA, Peru, China, India, Russia, Morocco, etc …).


Office and presentation : Alessandra Arnò, directrice


ETIX | Debora Hirsch | 2003 | 1'33

Two virtual profiles, handsome and imperturbable, similar but not identical, are elegantly silhouetted against a plain black ground. They pronounce, alternately, a string of words constructed by identifying, through an electronic dictionary, synonyms of the word that opens the sequence, ethics: ethics, morality, values, principles, beliefs… But the synonyms do not exist. Judgment, verdict, power, influence… Paradoxically, in the rapid progression, the meaning of the words gradually shifts until it has reached the very opposite of ethics: No ethics. The subversive power of evil seems to lie behind the words pronounced. Where attention to differences is lacking, a degeneration of meaning may be produced. But life, history does not proceed in a single direction. Having reached the end, the sequence starts again, beginning from the end: No Ethics, immorality… After the brutal descent, there is a re-ascent, until we return to Ethics, or rather Etix, anagram of Exit. The critical attention of the smallest details, to the worlds of sense and experience that are opened up behind even a single word, may represent the way out.



Euphorie | Hwayong Jung | 2014 | 4'53

Euphoria is experimental video that is depicting hyper-realistic landscape of fractal dimension infinitely regenerating as side-scrolling video. Computer-generated atmosphere, organic forms and visual images are morph and blended into live organism that continuously changes, being and reproducing. There is no beginning and ends, just generated atmosphere and organic forms in order to recreate visual aesthetic using computer code.



Weltanschauung, The world as will to representation | Matteo Pasin | 2016 | 5'50

Our ancient continents have been supplented by immaterial tele-continents constituted by unceasing data flows” Paul Virilio Among the many Google Earth’s features there’s one in particular that, when activated, allows to visualize, chronologically layered, all the images stored from different satellite remote sensing agencies since 2001. “Human beings distance themselves from nature and arrange it in such a way that it can be mastered”, with these words Theodor Adorno defines the anthropological need to control reality.


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Out there, a big night of stars | Lucia Veronesi | 2016 |4'00

Reassuring and comfortable home rooms witness the catastrophe that is taking place outside the window. The cosy and old-fashioned furnishing promises protection — fabrics are bright, the fireplace is lit, but outside the world is crumbling: in vast and deserted lunar atmospheres the planets collide, the Earth collapses and reverses its rules. A violent nature destroys, transforms and sinks. The safety of these rooms is only apparent.


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00:00:01:00 | Eleonora Roaro | 2016 | 2'00

The project “00:00:01:00” is an installation of seven video-performances that last one second. The title refers to the timecode used in video production and film making, which technically corresponds to hours, minutes, seconds and frames. In each video the artist bursts a balloon with a needle in different prehistoric sites in Cornwall, suggesting the idea of ephemerality and fragility. This is a metaphor for geological ages: it has taken many years years for our planet to transform and grow and in just one second we are destroying everything. It links to discussions concerning the Anthropocene, an epoch characterized by the global impact human activities have had on the Earth’s geology and ecosystem.


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Res Nullius | Cristobal Catalan | 2014 | 3'46

Made entirely of still images, this experimental animation looks at the beauty of space, migration and displacement. This piece was made in response to moving footage seen of Syrian refugees displaced from their homes. The ghostly, alien figure walks on the metaphorical landscape that defines public and private space: our bodies, our lands…raising questions about space, place and migration. Res Nullius, Latin for ‘a body that belongs to no-one’ or ‘a property that belongs to no-one’, is a metaphysical journey into the dynamics of migration and travel as an act of pilgrimage.


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Loop | Barbara Brugola | 2017 | 8'38

A human being with a bird head is the character that, because of the path collapsing while is walking in a natural enviroment, falls and finds herself imprisoned underground.

Initially she is lying motionless but soon she tries to find a way out.Her steps are tracing a circular trajectory because it is like she is divided in two parts, one that wants to do in a direction and the other one in the opposite way. In fact she can’t move, always coming back at the same point. In the surronding enviroment the drops’ sound start to echo, becoming copious and faster. Together they turn into a strong flow that drags her out to the surface. Finally she gets out of the water, unsteadily she looks around and screechs in front of the sea under the immense sky. The wind is taking a screech back to her: is someone anwering or is it a mere echo?


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Animal | Rita Casdia | 2016 | 3'20

The video of digital animation Animal, just en act the primitive and instinctive dimension of the human beings. This ancestral power is lost and is opposed and removed for a domesticated dimension by the rationality.


Secondo vento

Second souffle | Silvia Camporesi | 2010 | 3'45

The second wind according to Gurdjeff’s dissertation is the most powerful energy we can access when “ordinary” energy is over. This video relates to the chance of a spiritual raise accorded by the beauty and grace of martial arts. Shaira Taha, karate European champion, is playing parts of kata Unsu (a simulation of fight to be performed with great precision) within a cell. She will be able to get out of it thanks to a jump resorting to the second wind energy, raising her limits. As soundtrack, a melody tune by the artist in an unexisting language.



Esodo/Exodus | Mauro Folci | 2011 | 1'37

Exodus is the story of two lovers, a man and a woman, who decide to commit suicide with car exhaust but had sex before dying. A tragic love story not dissimilar to ones we see in movies, with the difference, however, that the protagonists are older: she is eighty-five, he is eighty.



C6 H8 06 | Iginio De Luca | 2008 | 2'01

An aspirin tablet dissolves into a glass of water. The shot enlarges the image so that the object is not immediately familiar to the viewer. This video ironically compares two different spatial dimensions (the micro and macro range) and two contexts which are apparently unconnected, the daily and the cosmic one, respectively. In collaboration with Galleria Martano, Torino, Italy.



Teacher and researcher of electronic visual arts, since 2000 has been working as video artist and since 2008 has founded Visualcontainer videoart platform and has been working as curatorl and cultural manager of Visualcontainer, renowned Italian video art platform and first Italian videoart distributor.

Enthusiast independent researcher on experimental audiovisual and new digital technologies with nine years experience in curatorial paths, cooperations and cultural exchanges with festivals, museums, independent and institutional spaces.
Since 2009 has been managing as the director and founder of VisualcontainerTV – a streaming webtv dedicated to international video art.
On the Italian territory is the director and the founder of [.BOX] videoart project space of Milan since 2010.
Moreover she’s a contract professor of Multimedia Languages at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Media of Novara.
Since 2009, she has been partner of the Videoarte festival in Oradea (Romania), in collaboration with the Department of Visual Arts at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Oradea and with the Museum Ţării Crişurilor – PROYECTOR Festival Madrid – LEs Instants Video, Marseille – Miden Festival , Greece and many other festivals.

Since 2014 she’s partner and tutor for Camouflage Project in collaboration with the University Of Bournemounth (UK)