PERFORMANCE Audio-Visuelle

Friday March 15 | Maison de la Culture | Salle Boris-Vian | 9 pm
Full access: € 7  | reduced: € 3.50 (- 25 years, unemployed)

ElectroAnima Experiment

Imaginary Systems
(Golnaz Behrouznia & François Donato)

ElectroAnima Experiment is a multimedia performative research which is inspired by the notion of interaction in the alive world by reinventing it by means of the digital tools in an artistic proposal.
The performance leans on the principle of a biological system where a unity represents and includes pluralities binding and interacting together. This principle is sought in the composition materials, but it also develops in the very basis of the performance where the sound and the image played in real time weave, interpenetrate and influence each other to make the unique body of the work.
This dialogue of the sound atmospheres and the visual elements organizes the temporality of a scenario which redraws a fiction of the creation of life, in 7 phases and 21 scenes. For the artists, this narrative shape echos the narratives of the creation of the life conveyed in most of the cultures of the humanity. In every scene, the performers develop dynamic processes of generation and degeneration of audiovisual elements, passing by the modification of their rhythm and the emergence of new sound and visual forms to reach affect the edge of a state, a phase and the passage to the following ones.
It spreads as a cycle of evolutions and metamorphoses among which the origin and the final state join in an infinite loop. In the progress of images and sounds, the undifferentiated material transmutes ceaselessly towards an organic body and conversely. So the harmony is transformed into chaos and of the chaos emerges the harmony.

Golnaz Behrouznia
Francois Donato

Golnaz Behrouznia develops from the beginning her creation work upon biological notions and her passion for the alive.

After several collaborations these last years with the composer François Donato, they decide to create the artis duet’ Imaginary Systems and launch in 2018 several projects strongly anchored in the interactions between artistic vision, scientific knowledges and computer science in particular: Connexa Viva .2, Organic Extensions series, Aquatilium 3 and Chrysalis.
The artistic approaches of Imaginary Systems favor the concepts of interconnection in the alive systems and the complexity of biological programs to propose, via multimedia and computing tools, extended worlds and living virtual spaces embodied.
Among their previous realizations, one can note in particular: Ignota Corporis ( Corps-Ecran) 2012, performance multimedia, Vanimentis 2016, scenographic installation, Lumina Fiction #2 2017, interactive audiovisual installation, ElectroAnima Experiment 2017, audiovisual performance.
These works, always supported by an approach inspired by science, fosters questionings and experiments, urging the visitors to question the relations between real and virtual, biology and artistic fiction. So they always confront digital images with the specific interfaces of projection and the interactive processes. Various media are used to realize complex perceptive contexts to reflect at several levels our contemporary urban life, within artistic realizations.

Imaginary Systems tries to offer to the public new visions and questionings about Arts and Science and tend to join a current of modern, speculative and experimental science, which postulates unusual hypothesis to deal with the complexity of our world.