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Ce qui me manque

2019 | Installation Machinima | sand | sound and color

World premiere
Sound design : Alexandre Ollivier (Whadat Experience)

What I miss

Here, to be completely fine…

It’s to let myself be swallowed up by the sea,

to be able to trample on the colors

and feel the image as I pass through it…

In these videos, abstract shapes and landscapes are developed where the random movement of certain objects such as the sea or waves in the Moviestorm game engine plays an important role. A world with abstract patterns, which fold or unfold, matte or reflective, they test the possibility of creating “sorts of spaces” to quote from Georges Perec’s book, aiming to modify the perception of the observed movements. “Space dissolves like sand flowing through your fingers. Time prevails and leaves me with nothing but shapeless shreds: Writing: meticulously trying to retain something, to ensure the survival of something: ripping out a few precise scraps from the deepening void, leaving, somewhere, a groove, a trace, a mark or a few signs.”

Photo : Sonia Chanel

Isabelle Arvers in an author, an art curator and a game artist. Her field of investigation is the immaterial, through the relationship between Art, Video Games, Internet and new forms of network related images and digital imaging. She also proposes workshops and trainings around these new means of creation, notably with the non-profit organization Kareron that she created and direct since 2014.