Parallel Selection #1


March 15 > 17 | Maison de la Culture | Salle Vialatte
Free access

Friday 15 : 11 am & 5:30 pm

Saturday 16 : 1:30 pm & 8 pm

Sunday 17 : 4:30 pm

John Sanborn

Pensées Aléatoires du futur | John Sanborn

We dream of the future, as we have for thousands of years – and we imagine a time when civilization has solved its problems, located joy and improved the state of humanity. We futurists think that the age of data and the advancement of science will take us into a future where war, money and disease disappear. People will be equals, free to enjoy the pleasures of life.

These grand ideas made us feel better about the torments of today, but they overlook one simple fact. Every BIG picture is composed of smaller parts. Rarely is there a singularity of purpose, an event that defines change or heralds a new age. The future will happen slowly, distinctly and intimately– through changes to each of us, and change we bring to the world.

The world will evolve, but in ways we cannot predict. It will be messy, capricious, cryptic, lost, forbidden, and forgotten. Science fiction is just that – a story we tell ourselves in order to forget the challenges of the presents as we hope for salvation.

Pensées Aléatoires is collage of variations and evolutions – singular gestures and thoughts – that describe a possible future. Rooted in the power of the individual and exhibited in a fleeting and metaphoric manner, the work helps us to discover how small the future will be.

Followed by Videocollectif


Cabinet de curiosités | Mathias André, Hector Domalain | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

A city at night and the many curiosities that compose it.


Déformations | Fahad Ali Djae, Mariesylviane Buzin, Cassandre Sicard | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

A city deformed by a wave of lights and noises.



Déjà-Vu | Bérénice Pictory, Tania Diaz | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

“At the flat light of the setting sun, a wandering moth, in the street of the city”.


Du vieux port à la cité radieuse, Blues urbain 22 | Evelyne Ducrot | 2018 | Marseille

“From the old port to the radiant city.”


Effervescences | Evelyne Ducrot | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

A city wrapped in the bustle of a festival and drowned in the melodies of a fanfare.


Elle ne dort jamais | Manon Boulet, Florent Delepine | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

A city that does not know sleep.