Parallel Selections


15 > 17 March | Maison de la Culture | Salle Vialatte
Free access

Friday 15th : 1:30 pm & 8 pm

Saturday 16th : 4 pm

Sunday 17th : 11:30 pm

Sélection AV Transcultures Europe | 50'

Transcultures and Pépinières de Création propose for Videoformes 2019, an audio-video selection that emphasizes the link between the sound and visual dimension put here on an equal footing, but also the relation to urbanity (or its naturalist opposite) contemporary and a poetic look for resistance to violence and the madness of the world.

This programme of AV works by hybrid creators is curated by Philippe Franck (Director of Transcultures-Belgique and European Pepinières of Creation).

Bela Timi | Alex Bocca | Roumanie, 2018 | 4’51

Artist and curator Alex Boca plays black-and-white images of the split screen to portrait the urban life of his city, Timisoara, and interact with Paradise Now soundtrack that pays tribute to Bela Bartok (originally from the region) to mix fragments of his Romanian pieces with field recordings made in Timisoara and electronic processing.

Production : Transcultures, Pépinières de Création, Simultan.

Capture d’écran 2019-01-15 à 10.02.13

GAPS | Tamara Lai | Belgique | 2014 | 4’40

Third episode of an unlimited series of experimental road movies, GAPS highlights, but as in passing, offsets, cracks, fractures, emptiness … at work in our modern lives. Embracing all kinds of places and people. Those meetings, moments of communion with the world in all its states were shot in London, Barcelona, La Rochelle, Brussels …The soundtrack is composed from extracts of live music (beatbox, trip hop, hip hop battles, bandas,…) mostly by street musicians.

Production : Tamara Laï / Thalamus Prod.


Christophe Bailleau - La couverture (selection Transcultures Pepinieres)

La couverture (mélomane) | Christophe Bailleau | Belgique/France | 2018 | 4’31

From a piece –Melomane– evoking, with a Spring accent, the North American minimalism from his new album Firebird released by Transonic (in connection with the eponymous poetic notebook), Christophe Bailleau made a video (in the framework of a residency hosted by the European Pepinieres of Creation in Paris and Transcultures in Charleroi) that staged, in a colourful and enigmatic way a character covered with a blanket that evolves in natural or semi-urban landscapes to finally take us to another dimension.

Production : Transcultures/Transonic, Pépinières de Création.


Pastoral - L'échappée belle (sélection Transcultures-Pépinières)

L’échappée belle | Pastoral, Belgique/France | 2018 | 7’05

On an impressionistic composition of the duo Pastoral (Christophe Bailleau and Philippe Franck), intertwining guitar arpeggios and electronic waves, bucolic, poetic or humorous sketches intertwine to take us on a ballad to the sweet madness, derives from a provincial surreal daily environment.

Production : Transcultures/Transonic

Foundation | Natalia de Mello | Portugal | 2016 | 4’51

From the meeting with the sound artists Isa Belle (Tibetan and crystal bowls), Paradise Now (voice, guitar, electronics) and the free musician Maurice Charles JJ (saxophone), the multi-artist Natalia de Mello has produced a poetic video echoing this meditative audio universe, with naturalistic shots, organic materials and still portraits of the artists

Production : Transcultures/Transonic

Capture d’écran 2019-01-17 à 11.59.10

Strange meeting in an empty space | Stéphane Kozik | Belgique/Espagne | 2013 |8’38

To make this short film, as part of the European project Park in progress, Stéphane Kozik ventured to an area where the vultures gather in Aragon, installed sensors and cameras to imagine a performance with Hungarian dancer Julia Hadi. Specialist of sound creation made from in situ captures, Stéphane Kozik confronts here the wild and disturbing nature of this gathering of 500 vultures.

Production : Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes

Paradise Now - Trans Travelling Blues (Migration#7) (selection Transcutures - Pépinières-

Trans Travelling Blues (Migrations#7) | Paradise Now | France/Belgique/Côte d’Ivoire | 2018 | 4’27

This video was made only from paintings from the Migrations series by Ivorian visual artist Jacobleu for whom Belgian/French sound producer Paradise Now was invited to compose a series of organic soundscapes. This seventh migration is a kind of ethereal post-blues that slowly stretches out like pictorial works set in slow motion. It reflects both the dramatic reality of these thousands of nameless migrants and the imaginary associated with the desperate quest for a better world, but also the energy of life that drives them.

Production : Transcultures/Transonic

Regis Cotentin - Slyder

The Slyder | Régis Cotentin | France | 2019 | 7’30

A disorder wins the spirit of a survivor. The song of the chimeras of the past pushes him towards the black of his mental screen, but a surprise awaits him when he spots the vanishing point of his memory … mirroring as it mirrors the present … and the journey continues.

Production : Transcultures, Pépinières de Création