Saturday March 16th | 10h
Maison de la Culture | Salle Boris Vian
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Program #2


SEA SIDE | Emmanuelle Negre | France | 2018 | 3'42

Sea side is an experimental found footage film. People are playing and having fun at the beach. Removing the emulsion on people’s silhouettes erase identity and what the film was made for, fixing people’s image throughout time and memory.

Capture d’écran 2019-01-10 à 16.02.17

Souvenir d'un avenir | Pierre Villemin | France | 2018 | 16'33

Between future and past, a man tries to gather the memories of a beloved woman.


2x50=100 | kimura byol-nathalie lemoine | 2017 | Belgium / Canada | 1’40

Worry wrinkles
Laugh wrinkles
Queer wrinkles
Wrinkles of time passing

Photo Epitaphe 2

Epitaphe | Christophe Laventure | France | 2018 | 6'53

Epitaph : a mix of over 2500 photographs. Each freeze frame tells us a story, one which is never written on gravestones, one which always ends up by fading away.


Indicios / Inkling / Signes | Laura y Sira Cabrera | Spain | 2017 | 6'59

Someone wanders through space and time, perhaps looking for a new way of relating to Nature. It is a woman, with movements of automaton, divided, that walks without advancing, in a broken time and impossible spaces.



L'Abeille, l'Hélix et l'Agonie (Rescue Zone) | Jean-Alain Kerdraon | 2018 | France | 11'35

Bee, the Helix and the Agony (Rescue Zone) or fragment of life and death on a dock at the port of Brest.

Program #2