Saturday March 16th | 11 am
Maison de la Culture | Salle Boris Vian
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SONG N°27 | Céline Trouillet | 2018 | France | 4'50

Amina is a Belgian psychologist and former candidate for the TV show The Voice. She affirms her right to freedom of expression both religiously and artistically, which she does not regard as mutually exclusive.


WHISPER | Lu Chen | China | 2018 | 4'49

The animation uses different images of animals to represent various kinds of lust, and combines different materials to raise the question of the author to the spectators: Facing complicated and various kinds of lust, what is your choice?


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DIGITAL TRAUMA (And the Crystal Image) | Maria Molina Peiró | Spain | 2017 | 8'09

What consequences does access to digital memory have for post-conflict societies? Can digital memory become a powerful tool for triggering ethnic hatred, violence and war?

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Highway 380 North | Robert Arnold | USA | 2018 | 6'45

A desolate rural landscape near a highway in winter and the end of a relationship.
A minimalist film based on the old 16mm film reel sequences, exploring the relationship between memory, moving image and drawing as a process.


Le coffre à jouets de Jacques Foloppe | Virginie Foloppe | France | 2018 | 4'07

The video exposes the cause of Jacques’ death. His suicide, with sleeping pills, is, in fact, a crime committed against his sex, the extermination of his life, the terror of his childhood.

La Banlieue du Skeud | Maxime Le Moing | France | 2018 | 19'

The soundtrack of ” Records in the Hood” is only consisted of interludes contained in French rap albums. This movie combines cartoon movie, shadows animations, rap plays and recreates a hood playing with its representative codes.


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