Saturday March 16th | 2 pm
Maison de la Culture | Salle Boris Vian
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Program #2

Program #4

Ultra | Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand | Canada | 2017 | 2'12

ULTRA is a psychedelic film about the dysfunction between furniture and the female body. Through a series of colorful and animated background, an aesthetic and conceptual change operates between the furniture and the body.



The Girl | Hans Op de Beeck | Belgium | 2017 | 16'

The Girl is a slow and suggestive animated film, in which the viewer is transported into the strange world of a 14-year-old silent girl.

Burn In Photo 1

Burn In | Gabriele Rossi | France | 2017 | 1'

Burn in is an experience that has no other synopsis than the one the viewer gives him.

«Voyage au bout de la nuit» Fragments | Bob Kohn | France | 2018 | 8'

Following my repeated ‘trips’ with Céline

I collected 8 minutes of my memories.


Uncertainty of Mundanity: Rise and Fall | Yve Miro | 2018 | Russia | 3'21

A psychedelic stream-of-consciousness mishmash animation that you would watch on your funeral.


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POETIC AI | OUCHHH Studio| 2018 | Turkey | 15 min

POETIC AI is a project of the Turkish collective “OUCHHH” based in Istanbul. Using artificial intelligence, the video work is automatically generated by a T-SNE algorithm that scans more than 20 million lines of scientific texts.

Program #2

Program #4