Saturday March 16th | 3 pm
Maison de la Culture | Salle Boris Vian
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Supermarket | Gianluca Abbate | Italy | 2018 | 8'

A voice says “I would like to make you feel nice and comfortable, and to empty your mind of every single thought…” Thus begins the story, with an invitation to make you fall asleep, in a calm, deep, and peaceful rest, while a chaotic landscape, crowded with people, sets up on the screen. The crowd doesn’t seem to have anywhere to go, but they are actually sleeping and they need to dream.

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Poble | Albert Bayona | 2018 | Catalonia | 4'25

A few days after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, the Ritz was taken over by the trade unions and turned into the “Gastronomic Hotel No.1”. A picture of Lenin was hung in the hall and “collective dining rooms” were established.


Adieu, Corpus!_1leg

Adieu, Corpus! | Alexander Isaenko | Ukraine | 2018 | 8'07

The film shows the body as a place, not as a subject. He travels along his borders, groping his way through time through events, rather than in a linear fashion, balancing at the edge of the rules, to get away from the frame. The body is physically becoming virtual.


Erebeta | François Vogel | France | 2018 | 3'40

Erebeta  drives us on a vertical jump above the city. We rebound on the pavement, twirl around the buildings and pass through streets. This bouncing point of view on modern Japan is accompanied by the traditionnal Kuroda Bushi music.


Swatted_060718 (3)

Swatted | Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis | France | 21'

Online gamers tell of their difficulties in escaping “swatting”, a phenomenon of cyber-harassment that threatens their lives in every game. Events take shape through YouTube videos and vector images from a video game.

Program #3

Program #5