Sunday March 17th | 10 am
Maison de la Culture | Espace municipal Georges Conchon
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CARMI_HEIMAN_The Israel Trail Procession visuel 2

The Israel Trail Procession | Ayelet Carmi, Meirav Heiman | Israel | 2018 | 13'15

A group of nomads advance on the official Israeli hiking trail, with difficulty, helped by makeshift machines, never touching the ground. The film transforms the Zionist ethos of conquest of the earth by setting foot there, in a taboo.

Bob kohn Horizons

"Horizons" | Bob Kohn | France | 2018 | 3'50

My horizons change with or without me.
When humans eat them, my imagination expands them.

filmstill_digital_2_big scaleleg

What do I have to do that you fall in love with me | Gerald Zahn | Austria | 2018 | 5'44

In this animated photographic film, a ghost train travels the enigmatic landscapes of intertwined bodies. Strange landscapes unfold, transform and breathe – a blur between animated and inanimate, analog and digital lines.


WOMXN, The Nightmare Of You Know Who | Eden Tinto Collins & Adrien Gystere Peskine | France | 2018 | 5'17

Jane Dark lives a peaceful life in the Noir-et-Cher. Whenever Europe Normale’s Police harasses her community, she turns into the Super She-ro named: WOMXN, helped by her bestfriend the womxn Dolphin, from a Spaceship called: Kora Mother !



People Pebble | Jivko Darakchiev, Perrine Gamot | Bulgaria, France | 2017 | 18'30

A grainy hammer smashes down. A teenage skier whirls by and an old man is toppled by a wave. Black pyramids exchange roles with white cliffs. Human actions are put into teetering balance with nature’s own infallible cycles and inevitable impermanence

Program #4

Program #6