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Maison de la Culture | Espace Municipal Georges Cochon
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L'Espace Commun | Raphaële Bezin | 2018 | France | 9'42

It is not a landscape. It is a city of ruins, wonderful, that produces nothing. Built with images extracted from the collective imaginary of cinema. It is a microcosm. A layered document containing evidence of urban and filmic evolution.


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BOOKANIMA: Dance | Shon Kim | Korea | 2018 | 7'31

BOOKANIMA, a word composed of Books and Anima, this experimental animation is there to give the book a new cinematographic life. It aims to look at the book in the third area. Between Book and Cinema by Locomotion based on chronophotography.


Eidolon | Jeroen Cluckers | Belgium | 2018 | 2'37

Eidolon studies the transformational qualities of transient light in an unstable video file. The photons touch and transform the digital image, becoming pixels that flow in the form of light waves through this cinematographic painting, illuminating the scene.

LaMesa6_Adrian_Garcia_Gomez 300dpi

La Mesa | Adrian Garcia Gomez | USA | 2018 | 9'45

The stories of a childhood in rural Mexico told by the filmmaker’s father are mixed with pretty reconstructions in which the director plays a romantic role, unlike the male actors of old Mexican films and American westerns of his childhood.


London Calling | Raphaël Botiveau, Hélène Baillot | 2017 | France | 15'40

A group of amateur actors and former immigrants of the « Calais Jungle », embody French movie star Belmondo and his pals from Week-end at Dunkirk. This 1964 classic by H. Verneuil portrays French soldiers seeking to embark for England in May 1940.


Program #5

Program #7