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Maison de la Culture | Espace Municipal Georges Cochon
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# 1224 _ Across the moon 02

Across the Moon | Mounir Fatmi | 2017 | Morocco | 11'30

When Mounir Fatmi was growing up in Tangier, one of the few cultural objects in his house was a photo of King Mohammed V, also known to Moroccans as the “moon king.” It was only until he went to school when he learned otherwise, including the legenda.



EAT ART | Anna Tsukanova-Kott | Russia | 2018 | 4'

Video project of Anna Tsykanova-Kott, supported by “RED CARPET STUDIO”. Eat Art are short videos presenting cooking recipes in an unusual art form.


Spiral Garage | David Finkelstein | USA | 2018 | 14'

A visit to a hypercritical world, where people continually lob insults at one another, creating a poisonous atmosphere which leads to a spiral of violence.


Inhabited | Daniela Fortuna | 2017 | Portugal | 1'30

The place is alive. It is inhabited by its own movement, by inherent organic sounds and by silence.

ABATTOIR by Steven Cohen

ABATTOIR | Steven Cohen | South Africa | 2017 | 14'50

The performance artwork for camera, Abattoir, was made in direct response to the death of my life-partner Elu Kieser. Elu and I met in 1997, fell in love and shared our everything for the next 20 years

Program #6

Program #8