Friday March 15 | Espace Municipal Georges Conchon
Free access
6:30 pm

The SCAM invites #5

Tania Mouraud / Nicolas Beaumont

A responsible vision for tomorrow

At the heart of the Anthropocene, can contemporary authors work hand in hand with major industries to address the problems of sustainable development, responsibility and ethics of our post-industrial society in the face of the predicted environmental disaster? How does an artistic world, at the forefront of humanity, tackle such a subject? How can the artist, as suggested by Bruno Latour, this artist who is a watchdog and visionary, provide us with extraordinary solutions?

And on the industrial side, what are the proposed responses to these crucial issues? And how can the laboratories of large companies benefit from the vision of authors, artists and creators?

To start the discussion, we invite the artist Tania Mouraud to meet Nicolas Beaumont, Director of Sustainable Development and Mobility at Michelin, to discuss and imagine a responsible vision for the future.

In recent years, Tania Mouraud’s works have shown an environmental awareness that emphasizes the generally destructive relationship between Man and Nature in our societies. For VIDEOFORMES 2019, the artist will show her installation Pandémonium in the Chapelle de l’Hôpital Général. This work, created in 2015 and shown for the first time, shows us a close-up of a continuous flow of smoke escaping from the chimneys of a German thermal power plant, like streams of black ink that camouflage themselves in the ambient air. These images, symbols of an almost invisible threat, are associated with a powerful immersive “drone” sound that accentuates its anxiety-provoking effect. Tania Mouraud carries this environmental awareness through all of her videos, from Once Upon a Time (2011) to Fata Morgana (2016), from Face to Face (2009) to Ad Nauseam (2014), but never as insidiously as in Pandémonium.

In conjunction with this artistic “revelation”, we will put into perspective the Michelin Performance and Responsibility (MPR) approach launched in 2002 by the company based in Clermont-Ferrand. Of the 12 action themes identified, 5 are directly related to environmental impact, such as production site management, quality of life at work, CO2 emissions, ethics and human rights.

In 2013, the MPR approach gained new momentum with the creation of 6 Sustainable Development Ambitions for 2020, implemented as part of the core strategy for the entire Michelin Group. Among its ambitions for 2020, one of them is particularly concerned with responsible industry: reducing the environmental footprint by 50%, promoting responsible logistics by reducing CO2 emissions, and encouraging its partners to improve in terms of sustainable development.

The SCAM Invites is a format for gatherings of the SCAM in partnership with the festivals it supports. The SCAM Invites offers creative and contemporary points of view, each time initiating an unexpected dialogue between two personalities working in fields that are seemingly remote. It is a meeting between two personalities who would not necessarily cross paths, authors, artists, scientists, philosophers, engineers, musicians, visual artists, landscape designers, video artists, mathematicians…gathered together for a public debate. The SCAM Invites is an event prepared and moderated by Gilles Coudert & Jean-Jacques Gay, author-directors of the Commission des Écritures et Formes Émergentes de La SCAM – Société Civile des Auteurs Multimédias – partner of VIDEOFORMES 2019.

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