In this artistic performance initiated in 2001, the spectator-visitor participates in the realization of a double blind portrait. He draws the artist without looking at his sheet, whereas it is spun without film, it is mutually exist.

Serial Portraits VR | Sigrid Coggins | 2019

The Virtual reality better known as Serial Crusader Portrait returns to VIDEOFORMES after fifteen years of its first release. This virtual experience was marked by the face-to-face meeting beween a thousand visitors and the artist Sigrid Coggins. Thanks to the VR, this process used as a trail in the exploration of our virtual life, connects material with virtual, artist with visitor and portrait with self-portrait.

Schedules :
Friday March 15 | 4 pm > 5 pm
Saturday March 16 | 6 pm > 7 pm
Sunday March 17 | 11 am > 12 pm