Friday March 15th | Espace municipal Georges-Conchon
Free access – 9 am > 12 pm

Les tables rondes offrent la possibilité de réfléchir et débattre sur des problématiques communes art / science / technique / numérique / société. Plusieurs projets y sont présentés, sur une thématique définie, sur lesquels le public et les participants présents sont amenés à réagir. Sont invités artistes, enseignants chercheurs (philosophie, sociologie, ethnologie, histoire de l’art…) et professionnels du numérique.

Body extensions : digital modifications

VIDEOFORMES 2019 continues its anthropological quest concerning the use of new technologies by humans and their social, political and artistic repercussions. Body modifications 2019 is the second part of this reflection devoted to the use of the body in the digital world and the use of the digital in bodily expressions. For this edition, the aim is to focus on all transformations of an individual’s body, whether they be localized or extended, reversible or not.

Since the end of the 20th century, there has been a significant revival in Western societies (tattooing, piercing, implants, nail art, corneal tattooing, scarification, iron marking, cosmetic surgery, bodybuilding, hair removal, permanent make-up, tongue splitting…). Current creators have made their bodies and body modification a form of expression integral to the art market (Body Art). Some tattoo artists also venture into the world of contemporary art, with cyborg-style practices. How do new technologies, connected on a nano-scale… fit into this landscape? How do artists interpret it? Health professionals? When will there be a tattoo, chip or implants that retrace the digital identity of the subject? Sites visited, tweets sent or received, Facebook publications…

For two and a half hours, a discussion and exchange of questions and experiences.

Participants :

Pierre Amoudruz (artist and artistic director AADN, Lyon)

Pierre-Michel Llorca (Psychiatric doctor, Clermont-Ferrand).

Olivier Poinsignon (Tatoo artist Clermontois).

The round tables are organized in partnership with:

  • Le Service Université Culture ;
  • L’Université Clermont Auvergne ;
  • Littérature Au Centre