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2015-16 | Video installation Three channels | video HD color with sound | loop 7’01 videogramme

First presentation in France
Camera, sound and production: Tania Mouraud  Video montage: Tania Mouraud assists by Esmeralda da Costa 
Shooting location:
Hambach, Germany Édition 5 + 2 AP 
Artist’s collection | ©
ADAGP Tania Mouraud

In 2015, Tania Mouraud filmed smoke rising from a German factory transforming lignite – brown coal – into electricity.
Not far from the site, colossal machines eviscerate the soil and leave behind them devastated lands. Pandemonium is a tryptic named after the capital city of Hell, where demons gather – demons whose muffled roars can be imagined from what we’re given to hear. This work allows us to see the danse macabre of fossils turned to smoke.

From the end of the sixties, Tania Mouraud’s work explores the relation between art and social connections through various medium such as painting, installation, photo, sound, video, performance, etc.
She proposes to add a meditation room to our standard apartments (1968). On 54 billboards in Paris (1977) she declares her disapproval of a society glorifying consumption at the expense of individuals . She investigates the decorative relation between art and war as well as the limitation of perception by creating “mots de forme” (words of shape) (1989). From 1998, she uses photo, sound and video examining different aspects of History and Life.