Parallel Selections


15 > 17 March | Maison de la Culture | Salle Vialatte
Free access

Friday 15th : 3:30 pm

Saturday 16th : 11 am & 6 pm

Sunday 17th : 1:30 pm


International collaborative video project initiated by Natan Karczmar and developed by VIDEOFORMES in partnership with the University Culture Service (SUC) and the Department of Higher Education and International Relations of the City of Clermont-Ferrand (DESRI).
These 3 minutes videos offer an original and often offbeat look on the cities of the world.
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Kuun Timantit | Aubery Raffin, Clementine Wozny | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

A forest under the snow. In the distance, the lights of a city.


Le Noctambule | Coralie Nanty, Gaëtan Duquénoy | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

“Night walker, on the path of light, will win the dawn”.


Lights and Lines | Clémence Grovel, Mélissandre Planche, Gautier Sanchis | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

The lines and lights that roam and haunt a city.

Alain Thibault | Festival Elektra

My white night | Gabriel Soucheyre | 2018 | Paris


Métempsycose | Céline Beaune & Matty Raphanaud | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

“Sleep escapes me, lend my body to my bed, an allotted time”.


Missing Time | Fahad Ali Djae, Mariesylviane Buzin, Cassandre Sicard | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

The hidden face of a city unveiled by the light of a lamppost.


Nocturno Itinere | Chloé Bruno, Fanny Valentin | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

A trip under the nocturnal lights of a city.


Penguin Insomnia | Mathias Boissery, Angèle Dauge | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

“One night, a penguin, an insomnia and the dark streets of the city …”


Reflets confus | Fahad Ali Djae, Mariesylviane Buzin, Cassandre Sicard | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

The chaos of a city materialized by its innumerable reflections.


Un jou de maôve | Gwenolé Robert | 2018 | Bayeux

Testimonials on a small town of Calvados.


Un soir de juin, une terrasse. Blues urbain 23 | Evelyne Ducrot | 2018 | Paris

A coffee terrace, a bear, hip hop at all ages at Les Halles on a trivial November day.


Vilramebus | Cindy Aufort & Katy Martins | 2018 | Clermont-Ferrand

“Go and come always, dance of the day and the night, silence at midnight”.

Alain Thibault | Festival Elektra

Yaffo Revolving | Gabriel Soucheyre | 2019 | Jérusalem